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Make Cell Calls Without The Fees-Introducing FemtoJack Wed, 03 Feb 2010 12:26:05 +0000

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If you are somebody who enjoys using a cellular phone, how would you like to start making many of those phone calls without having to pay any fees? That is a promise being made by a new product called FemtoJack. It was recently introduced at this year’s consumer electronics show. One of the reasons why this particular product that so much attention stems from the fact that it truly does appear to allow a person to make legitimate cell phone calls that incur no cost whatsoever. You may wonder how this could be legal. Suffice it to say that the technology involved does not run afoul of any laws and you will not get into trouble for using this product. Think about it, the people who organize the consumer electronic show would never allow a blatantly illegal product to be showcased. Not to mention, the FemtoJack has received a lot of positive comments from people in the media. What does this mean for you?

Anytime you see that a product is mentioned favorably by a large number of news sources, you can be assured that the product is both legitimate and that you’re unlikely to run into any major problems using it. This happens to be the case with FemtoJack. Many people in the media declare that this product was one of the most revolutionary they had ever seen. Some observers even said that there is a reasonable chance that the makers of this product might get sued by the major cellular phone companies because oppose such a tremendous threat to their business. A lot of people will really benefit from using this product because it will enable them to utilize their cell phones to make telephone calls without having to sign up for expensive cell phone service. The technology behind this device is truly remarkable.

Here’s the bottom line: expect to hear a lot about FemtoJack in the months ahead. This is destined to be one of the most popular products of the year. Of course, there will be a small fee for obtaining a product itself, but the long-term savings that you will achieve as a result of using it make it worthwhile. Don’t let yourself be fooled or dissuaded by people who tell you that this is a scam or that the technology won’t work. Remember, a product like this does not make its debut at CES and get so much positive press if it’s a scam or if the technology is not mature yet.


Honey, I screwed up your laptop! Thu, 10 Aug 2006 09:01:48 +0000

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Something very odd happened just now. I noticed that Dapper was unable to keep correct time on the BIOS and was basically hit by bug #43661 which is OK compared to what happened next. I just went to the BIOS settings and fixed the time, and now it doesn’t boot at all! So what now? Oh well, it’s bug #43745 at work here 🙂

My options, either send the laptop back to Dell, or take out the BIOS cell to reset it. I will try the latter now, as sending the laptop back to Dell might be quite a PITA and I need this laptop now.

/me off to taking the laptop apart, wish me luck!

N.B – Somebody else had the exact same problem as me …

P.S – The actual owner of the laptop sounded very calm over the phone, either she didn’t understand the issue or she has too much confidence on my mad hardware skillz 😉

Update: I fixed the damn issue, w00t! I took apart the whole laptop only to realise that the BIOS battery is just under the keyboard, hehe. The XPS is a true engineering marvel, extremely tiny parts everywhere, so better send it back to Dell if you are not experienced enough in taking things apart and putting them back in. One tip to Dell users, stay away from the rtc kernel driver, in fact, better blacklist that bugger.