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Lesson Learned: Spend The Money On A Good Hands Free Unit Tue, 13 Oct 2009 20:36:22 +0530

Filed under: General — 2danet @ 20:36:22

I just wanted to make a quick post this morning on the Jupiter Jack. It’s a hands free device that is for use in your car. Apparently they are doing a commercial blitz on this stupid product right now. I got a phone call from my brother who had got suckered into this thing. What an idiot! He thought he could save a few dollars over a Bluetooth device and it ended up costing him. He bought the device for 20 bucks and when he installed and tested it in his car was totally unhappy with the quality. It seemed to work fine when he was sitting in a parking lot motionless but the whole point of the Jupiter Jack is to talk while driving. When cruising at highway speeds the feeback was super annoying and did not work as advertised. He decided to send the product back. The company took the device back as promised but charged him for shipping the product back. He was all pissed off last night. I tried to be nice but all I wanted to say was, “told you so”. If any of you are looking for a hands free cell accessory then please spend the extra money on a bluetooth and don’t get sucked into the Jupiter Jacks cheap price.