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Check GMail the Python way Wed, 04 Feb 2009 21:05:21 +0000

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Swaroop posted a nifty Perl script to check GMail. The script basically parses an Atom feed of the latest 20 mails provided by Google. Since a Python hacker like Swaroop is dabbling in Perl, I thought it was my duty as a Python evangelist (or is it Pythangelist?) to show the people that the same thing can be achieved using Python with equal ease 🙂 The main code is around 50% of the total code. A large portion of the code is used for the pretty printing. Here it is —

## -- A command line util to check GMail -*- Python -*-

# ======================================================================
# Copyright (C) 2006 Baishampayan Ghose <>
# Time-stamp: Mon Jul 31, 2006 20:45+0530
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
# published by the Free Software Foundation.
# ======================================================================

import urllib             # For BasicHTTPAuthentication
import feedparser         # For parsing the feed
from textwrap import wrap # For pretty printing assistance

_URL = ""

def auth():
    '''The method to do HTTPBasicAuthentication'''
    opener = urllib.FancyURLopener()
    f =
    feed =
    return feed

def fill(text, width):
    '''A custom method to assist in pretty printing'''
    if len(text) < width:
        return text + ' '*(width-len(text))
        return text

def readmail(feed):
    '''Parse the Atom feed and print a summary'''
    atom = feedparser.parse(feed)
    print ""
    print atom.feed.title
    print "You have %s new mails" % len(atom.entries)
    # Mostly pretty printing magic
    print "+"+("-"*84)+"+"
    print "| Sl.|"+" Subject"+' '*48+"|"+" Author"+' '*15+"|"
    print "+"+("-"*84)+"+"
    for i in xrange(len(atom.entries)):
        print "| %s| %s| %s|" % (
            fill(str(i), 3),
            fill(wrap(atom.entries[i].title, 50)[0]+"[...]", 55),
            fill(wrap(atom.entries[i].author, 15)[0]+"[...]", 21))
    print "+"+("-"*84)+"+"

if __name__ == "__main__":
    f = auth()  # Do auth and then get the feed
    readmail(f) # Let the feed be chewed by feedparser

And here is a sample output —

ghoseb@trinka:~$ python
Enter username for New mail feed at
Enter password for in New mail feed at

Gmail - Inbox for
You have 20 new mails
| Sl.| Subject                                                | Author               |
| 0  | Strip Whitespace Middleware[...]                       | Will McCutchen ([...]|
| 1  | [FOSS Nepal] list of free alternatives to windows[...] | Manish Regmi (r[...] |
| 2  | json serialization[...]                                | Gábor Farkas (g[...] |
| 3  | editable=False and "Could not find Formfield or[...]   | Corey (coordt@e[...] |
| 4  | IronPython 1.0 release candidate[...]                  | Jeremy Dunck (j[...] |
| 5  | django server tree organization[...]                   | Kenneth[...]         |
| 6  | Project when using multiple sites[...]                 | Jay Parlar (par[...] |
| 7  | [FOSS Nepal] Neprog (nepali version pogrammer for[...] | ujwal (ujwal2@g[...] |
| 8  | Bug#379789: wrong keymap on Intel MacBook Pro[...]     | Frans Pop (elen[...] |
| 9  | debconf is Level 1?[...]                               | Clytie Siddall ([...]|
| 10 | Weird slowdown with dev server behind nat[...]         | Akatemik (tpiev[...] |
| 11 | Database API question: I am not able to return a[...]  | DavidA (david.a[...] |
| 12 | Bug#379120: lspci present on i386, verify on[...]      | Eddy Petrişor ([...] |
| 13 | New levels of D-I[...]                                 | Eddy Petrişor ([...] |
| 14 | Installed Apps in[...]                     | limodou (limodo[...] |
| 15 | where u at man ... where can i call you ??????[...]    | Sanjeev[...]         |
| 16 | unable to runser ?[...]                                | Geert[...]           |
| 17 | Bug#380585: debian 3.1 install FD[...]                 | as_hojoe (as_ho[...] |
| 18 | Re: Translated packages descriptions progress[...]     | Michael Bramer ([...]|
| 19 | Loading an url takes 60 sec.[...]                      | and_ltsk (andre[...] |

Well, the code is obviously pretty rough. It’s just for showing newbies how to use feedparser and urllib, two very powerful Python libraries. Improvements, patches are welcome 🙂

The text source can also be downloaded.


19 Responses to “Check GMail the Python way”

  1. […] Update : Baishampayan Ghose quickly jotted down a Python version of this script. […]

  2. Debarshi Ray Says:

    Is it possible to read the mail contents too?

  3. Baishampayan Says:

    Debarshi: Well if you check the code, you will notice that all the program does is to parse an Atom feed provided by Google. Now Google provides only a summary aka snippet in the feed, so it’s not possible to fetch the full mail this way. Of course there can be another approach like fetching the link to the mail and then displaying it, but I am too lazy/busy to do it myself. You are welcome to implement it.

  4. Debarshi Ray Says:

    Ok. I am unable to check out the script since I do not have the feedparser module. I am looking for it, and will check it soon.

  5. Baishampayan Says:

    Debarshi: sudo apt-get install python-feedparser or

  6. Debarshi Ray Says:

    :(… I am untouched by the virtues of Debian. I use Fedora Core 5. But I am on my way….

  7. Baishampayan Says:

    Debarshi: Ah, Sad. But may be you can try Ubuntu?

  8. Debarshi Ray Says:

    Does not work behind a proxy, it seems. But I like my hats to be red, so no Ubuntu for me now.:)

  9. Debarshi Ray Says:

    In fact I came across a Python snippet to get the contents of the mails in GMail. It also had support for getting the contents of the address book.

    However the problem seems to be that urllib2 which has proxy support (it works for me too), does not support HTTPs over a proxy.

  10. Baishampayan Says:

    Debarshi: I have seen that script by Adrian. It’s basically a screen-scraper. Let me see if I can do something with the feeds.

  11. David Hogg Says:

    This seems like a very interesting site. Unfortunately, the color scheme makes it difficult to read. Small white letters on a black background does not seem to produce a legible result. It may of course be my browser, at least in part, but I do not think the browser explains everything.

  12. Emrys Says:

    You could do all that…. or:

    #!/usr/local/bin/php -q
    echo $matches[1];

    PHP represent! j/k… 🙂

  13. Emrys Says:

    Hmm, well that edited a bit out…
    I had that script down to 7 lines. dumb comment system that doesnt convert everything to html entities…

  14. Tim Ottinger Says:

    def fill(text, width):
    return text.ljust(width)[:width]

    It’s not as clear, but works great.

  15. holmes Says:

    why there are a lot of spam?
    Where is admin?

  16. mptre Says:

    Is it possible to define the username and password so you don’t need to type that in everytime you run the script?

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