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A reward from Sir Donald Thu, 17 May 2007 18:53:08 +0000

Filed under: General — Bon Goose @ 18:53:08
Dear Mr Ghose,

Many thanks for your extremely helpful note. [...]

I owe you the customary "reward check", because these corrections
affect pages of The Art of Computer Programming. To what snail-mail
address should the check be sent?

Don Knuth


Update: I received the cheque today! Check my flickr page for a scan of the cheque.


12 Responses to “A reward from Sir Donald”

  1. Toufeeq Says:

    Dude, That’s awesome.
    Cant wait to see the check. Put it up on flickr once you get it.

  2. Congrats :-).
    But what corrections have you sent for TAOCP ?

  3. vihan Says:

    Well Done !!!

    A REAL honour 🙂

    – vihan

  4. ravi Says:

    Scan and put the cheque here! 🙂

  5. Thats really a great and facinating news. I cant wait to see the image of the cheque sent by Don Knuth.

  6. Alexandre Says:


    So, what were the corrections exactly?

  7. Ankur Says:

    Holy cow … jaws on the floor if you ask me … awesome …

  8. s4ur4bh Says:

    Congrats man. Keep the good work up.


  9. Congratulations.

    I stumbled here via. the image you uploaded to Wikipedia. I’m curious (like many of the previous commenters are) as to what the errors were. Finding 4 errors in a book by the meticulous Knuth is indeed an achievement. 🙂

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