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The Bliss of Free Wireless Sat, 26 Aug 2006 16:12:44 +0000

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I am at the Barista in Koramangla, Bangalore at this moment. Though they don’t have WiFi at their premises, I am getting 5 cells from a nearby Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology. w00t! I will write about the 4th International Conference on GPLv3 and my experience with rms later, when I reach my den …


3 Responses to “The Bliss of Free Wireless”

  1. Debarshi Ray Says:

    Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology is in Orissa. The link also takes you to the college (also known as KIIT) in Orissa. Although KIIT does have WiFi throughout in its campus, I do not understand how you could managed to get the signal in Bangalore.

  2. Baishampayan Says:

    Debarshi: Ah well, I was using a Satellite signal booster! Jokes apart, KIIT has an e-campus in Bangalore, and that’s the one I was talking about.

  3. aboutmakingmoney Says:

    lol it will great if we a signal booster is that powerful 🙂 Cool indeed nothing is better than a free WIFI. Shhhh keep it quiet otherwise they might do something about it. 😉

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