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Started working on the Design Tue, 06 Jun 2006 02:58:15 +0000

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After a prolonged sickness, I am back to work again. Started working on the design specs of the offline update tool today. It's still incomplete, but I am just putting up my ideas of implementation on the doc. Talked to Mario Danic about the design doc. He also approved my specification in the Launchpad Blueprint system.

I was quite relieved to know that python-apt is quite usable and it works fine (though not being very pythonic in nature). I read somewhere that it's not very actively maintained now-a-days and lacks a lot of features. That info relieved me quite a lot, otherwise my whole app would have become jeopardised 🙂

There are people who are also requesting me to port the tool to Windows. Well, Python code is easily portable but hey, Windows has no APT library 🙂 Thankfully Mario is writing a tool for Windows which does a similar job, so may be I will be able to borrow some ideas from him.

I also need to check if my bank accepts cheques in Indian Rupees but drawn in the USA. As I have heard, they may claim that such cheques are impossible … heh, they have no idea about Google!

Anyway, I need to sleep off now. I must finish the design doc by tomorrow.


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  1. Gaurav Says:

    cool yaar keep it up, this culd be one of the best things

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