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Relief at last! Sat, 03 Jun 2006 15:16:58 +0000

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Just returned from the the Dentist's place now. There was still some mild pain and inflammation all day and I wasn't feeling well at all. Went to the Dentist and he recommended on extracting the tooth immediately. Called up dad and he said that I must wait for a couple of days before taking the plunge. That made me confused. I knew that the pain won't subside completely if I don't get the tooth removed. But at the same time my parents were against it and I was a bit scared too 🙂

But the I thought I must get this thing fixed as soon as possible since the longer I am sick, the longer I will be out of my work. So I went against my parents' advice and told the Dentist to extract the tooth. I was observing each and every step that he took while extracting my tooth and I told him to explain whatever he was doing to me. He turned out to be a good and cooperative doctor and his Dentist wife too kept joking all the while and asked me about my fish fetish et al.

He first applied a surface anaesthetic to the right side of my mouth to make it a bit numb and then took a syringe full of local anaesthesia and put it in multiple places of my mouth and that pained like hell. I was almost screaming in pain because of the needle pricks. Then the doc took a tool to elevate the tooth a bit and then finally extracted it with another tool. There was a lot of pus at the root of the tooth and finally it was all over.

I thanked the Dentist and applied ice on my face and came back home. Apparently, it's raining 24×7 in Kolhapur and it seems there's going to a flood this time too.

So it's relief at last, and I am hoping that I will be able to get back to hacking provided there are no serious repercussions 🙂


4 Responses to “Relief at last!”

  1. […] After a prolonged sickness, I am back to work again. Started working on the design specs of the offline update tool today. It's still incomplete, but I am just putting up my ideas of implementation on the doc. Talked to Mario Danic about the design doc. He also approved my specification in the Launchpad Blueprint system. […]

  2. Hey, Take care!
    I know about teeth pain.. 😦

  3. Peter Rattu Says:

    ahhh the tooth problem, its teh worst pain to be suffering with, tooth ache is a bitch, had my tooth removed yesterday, ahhhh lol still a bit sore

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