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A first look at ayttm Fri, 25 Nov 2005 19:35:08 +0000

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I have never used ayttm myself, but I know Philip S. Tellis, its primary author quite well. It appears that the project is in a great need of active developers as Philip is quite busy with his work and others are I guess absconding. For those who don't know what ayttm is, it's a multi-protocol and cross platform messaging client, a bit like GAIM. ayttm is quite novel in its own right as it seems to support Yahoo! Messenger webcams, though I haven't tested it myself. There are a few nagging issues wrt ayttm at the moment like the GUI is still using GTk+ 1.x while the whole world has moved to GTk+ 2.6.x upwards. So I thought it was worthwhile to check it out and see if I could help in some way. I checked out the source from the CVS repo and tried building it. And I hit a bug straightaway. There was this small bug which would cause an error when compiled with gcc 4.x. So I whipped up a small patch to fix it and submitted it to the list. And no, it was not a one-liner (it was a two-liner ;)). I just checked that the patch was committed by Philip. Cool! I guess I have to devote some time hacking ayttm after my freakin' exams are over. And yes, if you are a C programmer, and want to contribute to Free Software, ayytm needs you. Join the lists today!


Yet another great idea from Google Thu, 24 Nov 2005 09:11:00 +0000

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Google has just launched a new service called Click-toCall. When somebody does a Google search, a telephone icon is shown along side the Adwords advertisements. On clicking the the icon, Google will ask you for your number and will instantly connect you to the advertiser. That, in my opinion, is pure genius! What's more, Google has said that they will foot the bills themselves for all the calls. The number shown on the customer's phone number is that of the advertiser but at the advertiser's end, the customer's number won't be shown, just to protect the customer's privacy. Now Google has yet another way to lure in adversiters, and I guess nobody has done something like that, ever. It's absolutely awesome. They also appear to have an acceptable privacy policy.
On the flip side though, it can give rise to a lot of prank calls made by people to various companies. I hope Google has a way to circumvent this.

I tried to get the phone icon by searching for IBM, Mircosoft and other big companies, but in vain (I especially wanted to screw some Microsoft people ;)). Some screenshots are available here.

UPDATE: It got Slashdotted!


First post!

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Yay! I have a new blog! The earlier blog I was writing got busted owing to a crappy host, and since I don't yet have the money to buy my own hosting, I had been looking for a free blog hosting service for quite sometime. I know I could have used Blogger or LiveJournal, but I never really liked their blogging softwares. WordPress was & still is my most favourite blogging software, and I am really happy that is offering this amazing service for free. What's more, it seems they are using some really cool version of WP here with AJAX and all, so it rocks big time!

Wait for more!